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How we started

I started this journey into this holistic world by trying to find a natural and safer way for my mother and I to deal with severe pain as opposed to being on multiple, high dosage, pain medications. The amount of pain we were in would crush us and make us unable to do much of anything. And, for me, with a 2-year-old at that time, made it very difficult to be an affective mother and take care of my child the way she needed me to.


We were on so many prescriptions and over-the-counter pain aids, that we began needing other prescriptions to deal with the side-effects of the other medications. It was a never-ending cycle of pain all over and being tired from all the medications.


So, I began looking into natural herbal medicines that had the history and the science to prove effectiveness. That is how I created my Joint & Back Pain Salve. I researched and tested it on myself and my mother. We discussed it with our doctors to make sure they approved or to see if they had any concerns. They encouraged us to see if it helped and supported further research into differentiating myths from truths and to look for other ways to help us.


One of the doctors was a pain specialist and was interested enough to buy some for another patient in a similar situation. Which strengthened my confidence to want to help more individuals like us and with similar situations. 

- Shaelynn Lesko





My herbs are all organic, naturally grown, and dried. I search all over to make sure they are certified organic. Main concern being that if there is any additional processes or chemials added to the plants, it can compromise the natural and medicinal effect that I am aiming for.  




      To make most of my products (i.e. salves, balms and lotions) I use the US Standarized Cold Process Oil Extraction/Infusion. 

     This means I place dried organic herbs (i.e. lavender or comfrey) into a jar of oil (i.e. olive oil or argan oil). Let it sit on a window sill or something similar for 2 to 4 weeks. Shaking occastionally. 

     Then once the base (oil and herbs) for the product has infused properly, use it to make the poduct. Depending on what the recepie calls for. My 2nd most used ingrediant for my products in beeswax.

What our customers are saying

"I have super sensitive skin, and Harmony Essentials is the maker that was able to help provide me with a soap that didn't irritate my skin or cause me to break out. The room sprays and lip balms are another absolutely fav! If anything, they are worth a try! "

Katrina K.

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