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- Shaelynn Lesko



About Us:

I embarked on a journey into the world of holistic healing when my mother and I were suffering from severe pain and had to rely on multiple high-dose pain medications. The pain was overwhelming, and it made it difficult for me to be an effective mother to my 2-year-old at the time. We were taking so many medications that we needed other medications to deal with their side effects, and it was an endless cycle of pain and fatigue.

That's when I decided to research natural herbal medicines that had a proven history and scientific evidence of effectiveness. After testing and researching, I created my Joint & Back Pain Salve and used it on myself and my mother. We consulted with our doctors to ensure that it was safe and effective. They supported us and encouraged us to look for other natural ways to relieve our pain.

One of our doctors, a pain specialist, was interested in the salve and even recommended it to another patient with a similar condition. This gave me the confidence to help more people like us who are looking for a safer and natural way to deal with their pain.

Shaelynn Lesko



All of my herbs are naturally grown and dried, using only certified organic methods. I take great care to ensure that no additional processes or chemicals are added to the plants, as this can compromise their natural and medicinal effects. I search far and wide to find the highest quality herbs, so you can be confident that you are getting the best possible ingredients in your products.

Stone Mortor and Pestal

I use the US Standardized Cold Process Oil Extraction/Infusion method to create most of my products such as salves, balms, and lotions. To begin, I place dried organic herbs like lavender or comfrey into a jar filled with oil such as olive oil or argan oil. I let the jar sit on a windowsill or similar location for 4 to 6 weeks, shaking it occasionally. Once the base of the product has infused properly, I use it to make the product according to the recipe. Beeswax is my second most used ingredient in my products.





Dried Herbs

What our customers are saying

"I have super sensitive skin, and Harmony Holistic Essentials is the maker that was able to help provide me with a soap that didn't irritate my skin or cause me to break out. The room sprays and lip balms are another absolutely fav! If anything, they are worth a try! "

Katrina K.

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