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*Most information on this page is from one of my research books that describe and give the most updated and accurate source. The Modern Herbal Dispensatory by Thomas Easley & Steven Horne. Other research was collected from A Modern Herbal by Mrs. M. Grieve, National Geographic's' books: Desk Reference to Nature's Medicine , Guide to Medicinal Herbs , & Complete Guide to Natural Home Remedies. These are just some of the books and references I have used to research this information. But these are the most that I use.* 

Juniper Berries

Spring Garden

Our Spring Garden fragrance blend is a delightful combination of sultry jasmine, light and airy lavender, and the clean, fresh scent of juniper berries. These scents work together to create an enchanting aroma that will transport you to a beautiful spring garden, no matter the time of year.



Jasmine is known for its sweet, floral, and rich aroma, which has calming and nourishing effects on dry skin while also helping to combat signs of aging. Its relaxing scent has a soothing effect on the nerves, making it a great choice for a relaxing bath or massage.

Warnings - Jasmine essential oil should not be taken internally.

Energetics - Relaxing and Calming

Properties - Aromatic and antidepressant


Juniper Berries:

Juniper berries have strong antiseptic properties and are known for stimulating kidney function, making them a popular choice for urinary problems and edema. They can also help stimulate digestion. 

Warnings -  However, it's important to note that the volatile oils in juniper can be irritating to the kidneys and nervous system with long-term use, and may not be suitable for those with kidney inflammation or nephritis/nephrosis.

Energetics - Warming and Drying

Properties - Antifungal, antiseptic, aromatic, carminative, and diuretic.


Please see below for more information regarding Lavender.

Overall, our Spring Garden fragrance blend offers a harmonious combination of scents that not only smell great but also offer a variety of therapeutic properties.




Lavender is a natural nervine that helps to soothe and calm the mind, relieving tension and anxiety. Its mild antidepressant properties lift mood and promote a sense of well-being. Lavender also has a gentle analgesic effect, making it a useful remedy for headaches and migraines when taken promptly. Additionally, the essential oil of lavender possesses potent antifungal properties and is an effective remedy for treating burns.

Warnings - No known warnings

Energetics - Relaxing and slightly warming.

Properties - Analgesic (anodyne), antifungal, aromatic, and relaxant





Chamomile is a gentle sedative and an effective anti-inflammatory for the stomach. It has a calming effect on the nerves and aids in the relief of gas. This herb is a wonderful nervine, particularly for children. It can be administered in small doses as a homeopathic remedy or brewed into a tea with a sweetener to alleviate colic, hyperactivity, teething, fussiness, fever, or irritability in infants and children.

When combined with elder flower, peppermint, and yarrow, chamomile can be beneficial for children experiencing colds and flu. This herbal blend can help alleviate symptoms such as congestion, fever, and body aches, and support the body's natural healing process. However, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional before giving herbal remedies to children.


Warnings- Allergic reactions to chamomile are not common but are more common than with many other herbs.

Energetics - Cooling and relaxing

Properties - Antispasmodic, aromatic, carminative, diaphoretic, digestive tonic, and nervine.

Lavender and Chamomile

Lavender & Chamomile

Our Lavender & Chamomile blend is carefully crafted to promote relaxation and restful sleep. Lavender's gentle floral scent combines with the soothing sweetness of Chamomile to create a calming and relaxing aroma that can help quiet the mind and promote a sense of tranquility. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or to prepare for a restful night's sleep, this blend can help you achieve a state of calm and relaxation.

Eucalyptus and Herbs



The minty and woody scent of eucalyptus provides numerous health benefits. Studies show that eucalyptus oil can help alleviate asthma, bronchitis, and brain fog. Additionally, research suggests that eucalyptus oil can relieve joint pain and inflammation commonly associated with conditions like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. However, it is important to note that eucalyptus oil should never be applied directly to the body as it can cause skin irritations. It should be diluted or mixed with other ingredients, such as a salve or balm, before use.

Bay Leaves

Bay Woods

The aroma of this blend is a combination of Bay leaves, orange peels, whole cloves, and frankincense. It has a musky and masculine scent with hints of spices and a subtle citrus sweetness. Other complementary herbs and scents are also present in the undertones to enhance the primary ones. Bay Leaves, which are known for their ability to treat migraines, are among the main ingredients. The refreshing feeling associated with citrus is also present.

Additional scents may be added in the future, and if you have a particular request, please don't hesitate to contact me. I can create almost any combination of scents. I primarily use natural and organic ingredients to create the scents and incorporate essential oils to enhance the aroma. However, essential oils are not the main ingredient in most of my products; they serve as a supporting element.

Rose and Hibiscus



This blend features a delightful mixture of Rose Petals, Hibiscus Petals, Calendula and a touch of Lavender. While primarily used for skin applications, it also provides a pleasant aroma. The Rose offers a soothing and restorative scent that encourages deep, slow breaths with its perfumed floral and slightly musky fragrance. Meanwhile, the Hibiscus emits a subtle and sweet aroma that is attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds. Lavender rounds out the blend with its well-known calming and light floral scent.


Rose flowers have held a place of high regard among the most treasured herbs throughout history, and with good reason. They have a remarkable ability to lift the spirits when they are weighed down by stress, grief, overwork, and other unpleasant emotions. Simply inhaling or beholding their beauty imparts healing properties, reminding us to slow down and appreciate life's simple pleasures, like "stopping to smell the roses."


Warnings - No known issues.

Energetics - cooling, drying, and slightly constricting

Properties -  Antihypertensive, antidiabetic, antianxiety, hypnotic, anti-inflammatory, nervine, anti-aging properties and antidepressant

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